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February 07, 2010

CQB City Airsoft February 6, 2010

Drawing one of the largest crowds of participants CQB City hit the 100+ mark. If you were not there Saturday February 6, 2010 you missed out on some solid gameplay.

If you are a regular to the field you will find that the Camo team are usually the one's who complete objectives and work well as a team. However, the Insurgent forces had Camo so backed up to their own spawn it was hard for them to push up. Before lunch Insurgents had won 2-0.

With their belly's full from the hamburgers Camo team decided it would fight back. Despite the onslaught of Thunder B grenades,on sight pyrotechnics, and incoming BB's Camo team began to advance hard. 

CQB City unveiled its newest addition to the field "Bobby's Pistol Palace" which occupy's a corner of the facility. Its a close quarter pistol only maze you will not be no more than 5ft away from anyone. Our plan is to build more walls similar to the ones in the palace around the field. It quickly became one of the most sought after spots in the field and began to become my favorite place for action.

Insurgents were to hold a hostage and Camo was to located and rescue the man. As you might have guest the Insurgent forces have the injured Camo personel in the pistol palace. In the video below you will see the highlights of that game and of the day.

In all a fantastic day and only a preview of what things are to come in the coming months for CQB City. Its going to be a crazy and interesting year.

Remember to fight hard, play hard.


bobby mac a.k.a coolbreeze said...

"Man what a Day" words from our great Chief. and it was exactly that. What a great FN day that was. I felt like i was in the movie black hawk down! bbs flying past my head hitting the barels and buildings making a thwap tat crack sound most airsofters fear when there pinned down in an engagement with 50+ agressors coming at them knowing they would have to get over it and move to make ground for there comrades to save the pilot. It was amazing!! cant wait for next weekend.

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