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February 21, 2010

Project Haley Introduction: WE M4 GBB (WE-Tech M4 V2)

I finally got into the world of Gas Guns. Not that long ago did I post a blog entry about WE GBB M4. This is a new project I am undertaking and a new avenue in the sport of airsoft for me. I plan to keep this blog entry continually updated as it is a work in progresses. Consider this a learning project for me as I get this rifle in the state I want. 

WE M4 GBB (A.W.S.S) Version 2

YouTube Videos here
Quick Review here
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Its a WE M4 GBB which started its life as a version 2 (old hop-up style) and came supposedly from the first batch of version 2's back in 2008-2009. So this gun itself has come a long way and has since been upgraded moderately (internally). Externally the rifle is original with complete Colt markings, original stock, original standard pistol grip and a carry handle all standard except for my standard sized full-metal RAS/RIS that I had laying around form an AEG build. 

Quick Note
FPS (w/ .25gram @ 51.0 °F): 432 avg 


Whats Installed (Internally):
  • Steel Bolt Cerrier
  • Steel Charging Handle
  • Steel Bolt Catch
  • Ver. 3 C02 Nozzle Assembly
  • LAT Bearing Set
  • LAT O-Ring Set
  • 363mm 6.025 Inner Barrel
  • Spare Part #118 Green Hop-up Rubber
  • Spare Part #42 300fps Valve
  • Spare V2 Nozzle Assembly and Stabilizer

Recommended Add. Upgrades:
  • RA-Tech NPAS Kit V2
  • RA-Tech Stinger Hop-Up Kit
  • Part #108 Hop-Up Assembly Ball-Bearing)
  • TSC Bolt Catch Plates
  • TSC Unidirectional Current-Stablisinz Steel Nozzle (C02 Version)
  • Buffer Springs (Spring/Summer)
Currently there are little things I need to take care of like a body pin spring replacement & trigger guard hairline crack to seal but these are mostly cosmetic and I can deal with.

Once I get the whole weapon shooting consistently and much more reliably I can start working on achieving the external look.

Why the name Project Haley?
"Travis Haley is a veteran Force Reconnaissance Marine with 14 years of dedicated real world experience including; combat tours in the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and other classified locations around the world. "-Magpul Dynamics, Mission Statement

I am inspired to do a weapon layout much like that of Travis Haley's Assault Riffle as seen in many YouTube videos and the even more famous Magpul Dynamics: Art of the Tactical Carbine DVD. The tan/black look is something that I wanted to do with the G&G GR16 (AEG) but opted to instead to go black/black. The "(Chris) Costa" weapon layout is something Ive seen done before and wanted to be different on the field.

Based on what I see in pictures and video of his weapon set up I have compiled a list below of the things I need to achieve this weapon layout. I DO NOT claim that this list is complete nor an accurate description of Haley's weapon.

Most of the external pieces I need I can source relatively easily as the WE GBB can accept AEG parts which in some cases means it relatively cheaper than RS (real steel).

To Achieve This Look:
  • Magpul ASAP
  • Magpul MOE Trigger Guard (Tan)
  • Magpul MOE Pistol Grip (Tan)
  • Magpul B.A.D Lever
  • Magpul PMAG's (Tan)
  • XTM Rail Panels (Tan)
  • CTR Butt Stock (Tan)
  • Magpul MBUS (Tan)
  • Vertical Grip (Tan)
  • Noveske Muzzle Break
  • Noveske 10" Free Float RIS/RAS
  • Aimpoint Micro 
  • Ready Mag System
  • AN/PEQ-2

Obviously there are some pieces I can do without being genuine (i.e. free float rail) 
There is also external light weapon accessories on Haley's left hand rail in which I have opted not to replicate these as I primarily play indoors for my MilSim operations which has a controllable lighting environment. Eventually I will add similar attachments. 

Purpose for Build?
Ive always wanted a full metal airsoft rifle and I found that the GBB rifle was a great route to start. I find this setup and overall platform is great for true MilSim Airsoft events. The weapon layout would just add to the realism and feel of the platform. This rifle will become my primary training rifle to discipline myself in proper safety, operation, and usage of a shooting rifle.

Are there known issues?
Currently (02-21-10) there are no PMAG's available for WE GBB. However,  We-Tech GIM (gas mags) can fit in a PMAG shell with a little sanding and patience. There are a few people at (thread here) that will fit mags in PMAG shells for around $35 w/ existing mag or $85 w/o mag. Another issue is in the state of California by law no RS rifle can carry no more than 10-13 rnds in its magazine otherwise its considered an "assault rifle." This means that all PMAG retailers cannot not ship to California as they are 30 rnds. 

What it going to cost me?
Estimated cost are @ $350 which is close to near how much a brand new WE M4 GBB.

When is it to be completed?
3 Months + 1 Day (June 22, 2010)

Photos Dated 2/21/2010 (Click for Larger Size):


sam said...

nice pick up! i'm looking forward to watching your build. as far as mags go for the WE M4, where have you found the best prices? just wondering, since i'm going to be purchasing the WE PDW this week, and the M4 mags fit the PDW.

MSJ said...


Airsoft Buddy I have been told has the WE mags for around $31 w/o shipping from HK. So it would get costly. If your willing to spend a bit more and secure one fast then check out AEX ($45), Gamepod ($50), or see if you can source one on Airsoft Forum (ASF) or even GasGuns.Info.

Anonymous said...

damn dude, Movin up quick on the game!!! i miss playing.

sam said...


MSJ said...


As the build goes on I will update with where I get the products. I know you can source C02 mag relatively easily from places like (a favorite store of mine) and its free shipping (just pay handling)

I appreciate the comment. Make sure you check ou the YouTube channel Rate - Comment - Subscribe

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