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February 22, 2010

CQB City Airsoft February 20, 2010

 Night operations are a bit tougher to film for two reasons (1) the facility is dark and (2) people shoot anything with a light on it. Even with the "nightshot" the built-in IR light on the camera is not strong enough to light up no more than 5ft-7ft in front. Apart from the constant oncoming sight of BB's it was  another great turnout @ CQB City. I will admit there were some real safety and carelessness issues that day but nothing that couldn't be resolved.

Quick Notes:
  • Be careful of your engagement distances
  • Always wear your eye protection when playing
  • Dont shoot outside the facility
The night op was also the first night I would be able to field the WE M4 GBB (Codename: Project Haley) that I just recently got my hands on. Imagine the first time you played an actual airsoft game/op and you fumbled around and didnt know too much about what was going on. Thats what it was like; like I was new to the sport again. Being such a close representation of a rifle (aside from Systema/WA/KJW) the operation of the rifle was familiar yet foreign to me. I raced around a corner and lined up a shot pressed on the trigger and "CLICK" nothing happened. Forgot to "SEND THE BOLT HOME." Took a good load of shots down field and went to shoot "CLICK" time to reload. It was one new learning curve after another. It was a good experience overall and my hopes I will continue to improve.

Based on my experience that night I will use the WE M4 as strictly my  weapn of choice for training and Milsim events.

[UPDATE: Recovered]
Is the person pictured you? Or do you know who this person is? In the picture is my tan scarf that I loaned out in good faith that I would get it out. Guess what? Never got it back. I would like to think it was done by mistake and that I could get it back. Contact me ASAP.

Below is the video from the day. Make sure you Rate - Comment - Subscribe

Fight Hard, Play hard!


Anonymous said...

nice. i like how you pulled that kids card. LOL what kind of mask are you wearing?

MSJ said...

Yeah. I understand people make mistakes but people gotta understand engagement distances. That was less that 5ft with an AEG which at CQB City is a "no-no." Im glad he was cool with it and understood his mistake.

Its a 3M Respirator used for painting. I usually wear just a mouthguard, however, it was a night game did not want to get lit up in the face!

I appreciate the comment. Make sure to check out the YouTube page RATE - COMMENT - SUBSCRIBE

Touareg said...

Nice videos. I'm not an airsoft player, strictly woodsball, but you make this sport look fun. I'm trying to familiarize myself more with airsoft b/c I am opening a paintball and airsoft web storefront.

MSJ said...


I appreciate the comment. Ive come across many active paintballers and former paintballers (turned airsoft) at CQB City and have much respect for the sport. I wish nothing but the best for the paintball and airsoft e-commerce store.

Just checked out your woodsball website which I think its well done.

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