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October 12, 2010

CQB City Airsoft October 10, 2010 (TM MP7 TM Glock 17)

With the record numbers we have gotten during the last couple months surely things would die down especially as holiday's near. However, today was not the case as CQB City surpassed its attendance record of 160 players to just over 170+ people in attendance. The field was littered with BB's flying from all directions. As you will eventually see in the video(s) below everything in the BB's pass was obliterated =/

I had many people call for MilSimJunkie and most approached letting me know what they thought of the YouTube channel. It was a very tough fight for both sides as "hit" calling became very difficult to minitor. Needless to say the majority of the operators on the field were out there to have fun, and fun they had.

With record numbers occurring well into fall I have a feeling Chief has something in the works that will make everyone including those that can only watch the videos will be very pleased with. Put it this way, there will be more chances to catch MilSimJunkie on the field =)

Most Notable Weapon of the Day actually only showed up once in the video and brief at that. It was a new TM Glock 17 from Ehobbyasia. Ive debated myself on purchasing a new sidearm and this made me want it even more. The operator had nothing but rave reviews for this pistol, put it this way, his KSC Glock is now for sale.

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Please Help!
My camera got shot out. Thanks to the help of a few people I was able to get a borrowed camera to film the rest of the day. I have decided to create a MilSimJunkie Paypal Donation button to help fund either the camera's replacement and/or getting it fixed. The fund is intended to help bring quality content to you! Without a operational camera I cant film; no filming equals no bueno. If you choose not to donate or simply do not wish to make a monitary contribution you can still help out. You can also help by sharing the channel and the videos. Help the channel grow!

Paypal Donation

Thank You Note: I want to take this brief section of the blog to thank everyone who offered to help me out. They, just like you, look forward to awesome footage. Without a camera I am stuck. I truly believe I have some of the best supporters/viewers/subscribers the airsoft community could offer. A very special thanks to Stephen C. for lending me his lens for my borrowed backup camera. Thanks to those that shot me some references in other equipment alternatives. If you are just passing by and reading the blog, take the time to watch the video's and share them with a friend =)



whoever shot out your camera, thats an A hole move.

Anonymous said...

^ there was a lot of people that day so it was probably got shot accidentally.

MSJ said...

^While he was right, there were a large number of people there. It could have been anyone. Am I mad? No, not at all. I take a risk every time I film. I get shot, equipment get shot, etc. I am just bummed my camera is down! That is life


Unknown said...

MSJ!! To begin I want to say your videos are great because in the beginning it shows the majority of the players and then cuts to the action and they are long. CQB city is just a great place and wish to play there but I am in the midwest heh.

I have a suggestion after each game of the day you should try to film some of the peoples gun/gear. If some people do not want their face just showcase the weapon. I remember you used to do that but not anymore =/. As a fellow airsofter everyone is looking for ideas and it is best to see it in a video or picture.

Anonymous said...

junkie! is cqb city a walk on place or an internet sign up?? need to know because i'll see you there on the 24th!

MSJ said...

Great question. For now CQB City allows for walk-in's.

Unknown said...

Are we going to hava vid for last saturday milsimarwin?

MSJ said...

Negative. camera is still down. While I was there. It was a bittersweet moment. I got to play, however, I missed out filming on some awesome gameplay.

Stay frosty. I did go to the 1st day of Urban Shield ( and got to do some filming.

Anonymous said...

Can you purchase or rent Battery dischargers at CQB City?

MSJ said...

Discharger, no. Gamepod does have an onsight annex at CQB City that carry some chargers (along with weapons & gears). You can call their store in Antioch, Ca and request that they bring it to CQB City so that when your in you can check it out.


Anonymous said...

Hope u find a good camera deal on BLACK FRIDAY

Anonymous said...

10-10-10 was my first game there and I have to say it was fun besides mine and my friends guns breaking but the staff there were really nice and help me. And they should me to gamepod and they fixed for a cheap price. Msj I got to say love your videos keep making them.

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