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September 28, 2010


Blow back action! It was a fun filled day with a lot of new YOUNGER faces. While it was nice to see kids getting into this sport at a fairly young age I had hoped for a bit more maturity. Regardless of skill level or how much equipment they have I wanted to see solid shooting and from the veteran players I got that. Solid shooting by both camo and insurgent forces although camo had it out for them from the beginning. The first few rounds camo found fairly easy to complete objectives. But as the hours grew on things became a bit grim. A tough firefight for most.

I will be the first to tell you that some scenarios we played this day worked and some did not. Its a learning process. For this type of close quarter environment some gametypes just cant work without a little modification. However, regardless of whatever issues there might be with some gametypes CQB City isnt afraid to try and learn from it.

Scenarios this day included a "rescue the hostage" gametype where insurgents had to take POW's and camo had to rescue. Similar to previous scenarios played? Wrong, POW's are still active players and thus can still shoot or befriend a few enemies to help them escape. As you will see in the video below the consequences of not disarming your enemies when you capture them.

Just a little note to those that actually read. I am working a few more videos apart from all the airsoft action. Thanks to my friends at CQB City I was able to get a pair of Revision Locust goggles and ESS Profile goggles. So expect a post and a video soon. The video will be UNLISTED on YouTube so the only place you will be able to watch it is by visiting the blog!

Most Notable Weapon of the Day went to a kid that brought out some classic airsoft guns. He was packing a SUN Project M4 that was decked out in Magpul furniture. Then he brought out an Escort MP5. Both ran off a regular HPA tank complete with gauge to monitor airflow. Each weapon used standard AEG magazines. For more information check out the Classic Airsoft forum.

MilsimJunkie Extra:

MilSimJunkie - Classic Airsoft Guns (@ CQB City) from Milsim Junkie on Vimeo.

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Venomhound said...

Another great video! Like the classic guns alot.

Cory / Ion5/Ion said...

I have my own video! XD

Several times I felt a little worried, had little kids with guns in my face all day long in the staging area. They love their trigger fingers. But good day overall. CQB City > ALL

Stephen said...

Haha, this was one of your best. Great stuff.

Unknown said...

Woot!!! Thats my old SP getting put to good use!!

Unknown said...

I see, that people slide on floor at CQB city - is there special floor material or they do this on stone?

MSJ said...

Fantastic question. The floor is concrete and with knee pads players are able to slide across the floor.

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