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September 14, 2010

CQB CITY AIRSOFT ACTION Sept 12, 2010 (Magpul Masada)

Wait? Are you guys in school yet? We had 100 participants this day and it left me wondering, have the kids left for school yet? Some fantastic shooting all around. It was nice to see some of the Bay Area teams come out to play. Fighting went well for both teams. We've made some minor changes to the field to change up the gameplay. It was nice seeing a lot of new folks enjoying their first fights in airsoft. Some of kid players were teaching their fathers a thing or two about airsoft =)

For those that have visited the field during the month of August you may know that CQB City was helping collect donations to help a regular, Jeremy, raise money to run for Lukemia Research. Chief also made a contribution by matching dollar for dollar every donation collected. In all a total of $24o was raised towards Jeremy's quest. I will go on the record and say that I WILL be donating my Google Adsense earnings for the month of August to Jeremy as well. We wish him luck on his run for Lukemia!

The field was heavy with BB's enough to get my BRAND NEW camera busted =( On a lighter side of things (...yeah right *tear*) I picked up a pair of Revision Desert Locust goggles (in foilage green) which is currently being used by soldiers in the U.S. Army. I will give them a quick review so expect a new video very soon.

Most Notable Weapon of The Day was the very new Magpul PTS Masada/ACR which retails for around $480. We had two variants attend the city that day; one in dark earth the other in the traditional black. Info on this weapon is fairly new but I can tell you it is made of nylon polymer which is typical of Magpul. The platform performed great is from what I heard from the two operators using the weapon this day. Its nice to see new stuff on the field =)

***Note: Yes, the YouTube video below is a re-upload of the same video which was accidentally set to public in the early hours of Sept 14, 2010. A few of you were able to watch the original video before I was even able to put annotations and links. All you airsoft junkies don't sleep =) Some addressed an issue with the video which was an oversight on my part. I have gone ahead and removed the scene and brought the issue with the party involved. I want to say thanks to those that brought it up and I will continue to make great airsoft videos. Hope you enjoy this re-upload! Thanks for watching!***

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