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July 20, 2010

CQB City Airsoft July 17, 2010 (M203 Grenade)

The fighting was dispersed as players fought to gain control of the city. Camo forces again found it tough to get away from the onslaught of BBs from insurgent forces. But found success in speed during "our quick" capture rounds. The outside weather brought in the heat while we kept cool with plenty of drinks, and treats on hand for players to enjoy.

I got a chance to sit down and talk with a few viewers, fans, and fellow YouTubers. It really is nice to hear from you all personally instead from behind a computer screen. Its a sport ment not to be observed but rather enjoyed by doing. Many asked for tips and the biggest piece of advice I could give was; stay passionate. Dont loose sight of why you started to play in the first place. As serious or as crazy as the sport can be at times be passionate in what you do.

Onsite was CQB City regular and photographer Stephen Couratier. Armed with his Canon 5D MKII he has taken both amazing photos and video of the city. He has taken some of the most memorable photo's of the city. Please take some time to check out his awesome work.

Most notable weapon of the day was a M203 Grenade and launcher. Not only was I pegged by a BB that came from it from across the city but it also is nice to see someone actually using it outside the killhouse for a change. Warning! Video includes noob-tube SPAMMAGE! =)

Great shooting from all. I was impressed by the level of confidence Ive seen in the younger players lately. Its nice to see that they are tactically playing this sport, however, there are still those that choose to run and gun. Whichever style of play, enjoy it!

Special Notice:
CQB CITY will be included in a segment on the Today Show I expect this to air sometime this weekend (July 24-25). Please check out local listings for exact date, time, and channel. From my sources I am told Lester Holt will be narrating the piece on private security training like that of Tri Core International  whom uses CQB CITY as part of their training grounds. Be rest assured as soon as I get a copy of the segment it will be on my YouTube channel =)

As always remember to Fight Hard, Play Hard!

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Visit this website (It is for video games, but you can learn a lot from these guys).

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