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June 07, 2009

CQB City 06-06-09

Wasnt able to make it to the game today but I still have footage available.

This is Mike's G&P/WA GBB M4. It seems blow back is showing itself more and more on the field as these new systems become more wallet friendly. What is interesting was Mike was the person to sell me my first AEG at AEX (Sacramento).

After the longs hours of cleaning and sweeping and re-sweeping it only takes a couple of scenario's to litter the field with BB's. Its all good. Again I want to give a big THANK YOU to all the folks that made it out last weekend to help us clean the field. The place would not exist if it were not like players like yourself to devote hours of your time not only to come out to the field to play but also to maintain the field.

For official footage from CQB City you can visit my youtube account @ Illfadedsole MilSimJunkie1 or @ Gravexero. Rate - Comment - Subscribe!